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Make: Blog put up a post this morning about APxD (Autonomous Parapoetic Device) (my project that was in the Spring show)! To be fair, they put up posts about pretty much every other damn project in the show too. But I'm still pretty excited.

Texty text

Feb. 3rd, 2008 10:57 pm
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February seems to be the official month of doing creative stuff with time constraints. So I'm throwing my hat into the ring. Here's Texty Text, where I have been posting, and will likely continue to post, one "experimental text" per day until the end of the month. It'll mostly be weirdo algorithmic stuff, but you may eventually experience the full brunt of my poetic expressiveness. So be cautious!
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1. ITP Thesis Title Generator. I fed three or four years of ITP thesis titles into a Markov chain algorithm. The resulting strings are often evocatively nonsensical (Interface Memories in L-systems), sometimes remotely viable as actual thesis titles (The Massively Multidisciplinary Connectional Aesthetics), and, very occasionally, something I feel like I could get VC funding for (Sousveillance for Children).

2. twitter.com/everyword, where a python script I wrote is posting every word from an extensive English word list. At the current rate (1 word every 30 minutes), the script should complete its task in a little over six years. (Inspiration: Ulysses, Bloomsday.)
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  • Brian Dettmer's Altered Books combine text and sculpture to striking effect. Almost incomprehensibly elaborate—I wonder what the planning stage is like for something like this. (via Ron Silliman's blog)
  • Twice Upon a Time: an feature film from 1983 animated with translucent paper cutouts (looks kind of like Lotte Reiniger-style silhouette animation) (via Drawn!)
  • A photographic tour of Cincinnati's abandoned subway system, including a station that was turned into a fallout shelter. Apparently the tunnels are still kept in good shape in the event that underground mass transit comes back into style (although one of the tracks nowadays is entirely occupied by a water main). (via MetaChat)
  • On "lighght", the minimalist poem that caused trouble for the (then incipient) National Endowment for the Arts (“If my kid came home from school spelling like that,” one congressman said [...], "I would have stood him in the corner with a dunce cap.") (via Ron Silliman's blog ... again)
  • Paintings of CAPTCHAs (via boingboing)
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MarkovFilter: a generative tool for analysing an individual's personality/priorities/obsessions by feeding his or her MetaFilter comments through a Markov Chain. An excerpt from my MarkovFilter page:

Metroid Prime. It's like Pale Fire, and everyone's Kinbote! Seems like a cross between a sex toy and a copy of Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls. See if that does it for you. The only other thing I can cross the street? That would be nice. It says in this area, so I just wanted to point out some really great efforts in language construction that aren't associated with a few built-in niceties.

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