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Fit the First: Do You Not Like My Mouth Words?

Hello there. Today I learned how to use various saws. This was part of a "Safety Seminar," whose completion allows me to use the shop at ITP. Saws are new to me, so I was timid at first, but soon I got swept up in that masculine rush only attainable from loud activities that threaten your digits.

My physical computing course (of all my courses the most likely to require use of the shop) daunts me more than any of the others. There are like wires and stuff. And solder. Tools. This, the realm of the tangible, has been foreign to my sphere of study for so long that now I almost feel it necessary to don some kind of moon-helmet. I'll put on a helmet, breathe canned air, bounce with care across this lunar landscape and hopefully fail to cut my damn fingers off. Or electrocute myself to death.

Fit the Second: On Being Very Late to the Party

Did I tell you that I bought a Gamecube? I bought a Gamecube. At $4.99 used, Metroid Prime is perhaps the best value in gaming of all time (according to my instruments, it registers over four bajillion metric fun units per cent). I'm chipping away at Skies of Arcadia Legends, I managed to get through "Classic" mode on "Easy" with Pikachu in SSBM, I have Super Mario Sunshine but that's kind of on the back burner (simmering there with Animal Crossing, which I can't justify playing much since I spend 30 minutes or more with AC:WW daily). Good stuff.

So anyway, here's my question. Aside from those I've mentioned above, what games are really worth playing on the Gamecube? Is it, for example, worth getting gouged on eBay for Ikaruga and/or Beyond Good and Evil? Which should I play first, Wind Waker or Resident Evil 4?

Here's another, related question: Can someone defend Yoshi's Island to me? I'm playing it on the GBA and am finding no grounds on which to agree with those who claim it's the best platformer of all time.
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I was thinking of Ask MetaFiltering this, but I figured you folks could help me out with less snark. Here's the story.

A few weeks ago I traded my copy of Meteos on Zunafish for Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis. The exchange went off hitchless and I was satisfied by the experience. I received the game, plugged it in, got to the title screen, saw the opening sequence, great, looks like it works fine. I gave my comrade trader positive feedback. A class act, I think I called him.

But Knight of Lodis would have to wait; I was at that point still scampering around Hyrule in search of pieces of heart. Last Sunday, Ganon having been defeated, I finally started in on some ogrely tactical action. I saved my game after the first tutorial battle and turned in for the night, visions of lichs and hawkmen dancing in my head.

Next day I wake up, and the save slot is empty.

Hmmm, I think to myself. Kind of annoying, but all games have glitches! So I go through the opening sequence again (war, evil, blah, blah, blah, just let me swing my sword and stuff already), get through a few battles, and save my game again. Just to make sure, I turn off the game and start it up again. Sure enough: nothing in the save slot.

For a while I stick to the "it must be a glitch!" story, but then I come across this thread. My cartridge has the right fonts on the plastic, but it doesn't have the "(c) 2001 Nintendo" on the circuit board. It also has the wrong art on the label and - this I found only after heavy scrutiny - it says "LICFNSED BY NINTENDO" next to the Seal of Quality.

I'm thinking it's a bootleg.

So I have a couple of questions.
  1. Nintendo nerds: Is the evidence cited above (saves don't work, weird label art, strange circuit board, and oh, I forgot to mention, the cartridge fits into my DS a bit too snugly) sufficient to prove that the game is a bootleg? Would I be able to open the cartridge and replace the battery and play the game normally? (This second question applies whether or not it turns out to be a bootleg.)
  2. If it is a bootleg, how should I proceed? Should I demand that the trade be rescinded? Should I ask Zunafish to let me change my feedback rating? (I've e-mailed their customer service but have yet to see a reply.) Or should I just suck it up?
The problem for me is that when I received the game, one of the save slots had around ten hours on it. So it seems possible that the shoddy battery problem affecting me didn't affect the former owner, leaving him blissfully unaware of the cartridge's sordid history. I googled him, he's just a kid, I don't want to get all up in his face about it. On the other hand, I'm just sitting here, bored, tactical RPG-less. What to do?
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... and by all accounts I've done some pretty damn nerdy things in my life. Head on over to happyfrappy.com to download my NES-ified adaptations of two popular Guster songs: What You Wish For (from Lost and Gone Forever) and Manifest Destiny (from the upcoming Ganging Up on the Sun). Members of the Guster messageboard rave, "holy crap! someone has nanoloops!" before getting distracted by an animated GIF in someone's signature.

I didn't do it with Nanoloop, actually (69 EUR? Who can afford that?). I did it in Schism Tracker. There are a number of people on my friends list for whom NES music and its faithful reproduction are an abiding love and concern. Guys: I'm sorry if I messed this one up. I tried to be as faithful to the NES sound as I could!

(And yes, I know I'm about six months too late for this kind of thing.)

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