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  • Brian Dettmer's Altered Books combine text and sculpture to striking effect. Almost incomprehensibly elaborate—I wonder what the planning stage is like for something like this. (via Ron Silliman's blog)
  • Twice Upon a Time: an feature film from 1983 animated with translucent paper cutouts (looks kind of like Lotte Reiniger-style silhouette animation) (via Drawn!)
  • A photographic tour of Cincinnati's abandoned subway system, including a station that was turned into a fallout shelter. Apparently the tunnels are still kept in good shape in the event that underground mass transit comes back into style (although one of the tracks nowadays is entirely occupied by a water main). (via MetaChat)
  • On "lighght", the minimalist poem that caused trouble for the (then incipient) National Endowment for the Arts (“If my kid came home from school spelling like that,” one congressman said [...], "I would have stood him in the corner with a dunce cap.") (via Ron Silliman's blog ... again)
  • Paintings of CAPTCHAs (via boingboing)
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1. Incredibly awesome Spore video
2. Quake III Heat Maps, which reveal frequent paths of players and projectiles.
3. µPong, the world's smallest pong game: it's little more than a microchip and a handful of resistors. The guy manages to do all his video output with one pin of the microprocessor. Amazing.
4. Preview video of Night Journey, a video game by seminal video artist Bill Viola. It's dream-like, spacey, abrupt—I'm wondering why this isn't getting more media attention.
5. Tasty blog preview of Nifflas' upcoming Knytt Stories (with screenshots!). The game comes out on Thursday, apparently, and I am lousy with anticipation. (more screenshots).
6. Stupid ass review of Metroid Prime 3, in which the reviewer describes in detail the properties of the mysterious substance called "phozon." Yes, phozon. I will never read a game review on this "GamePro" website again.
7. If you can't get a raging hard-on even after looking at kvance's entries about porting MegaZeux to the DS, then I don't know how to help you. I guess you should see a doctor or something.

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