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I'm not likely to buy a new system soon, due to budgetary constraints. But given the breadth of the gaming world I can't help but obsess over the following question: which system should I buy? I already have a Wii, a DSi, and a PS2. My main criterion: which system offers the best ratio of FUN to COST OF OWNERSHIP?

Maybe you can help me out. Poll below.

PC ($1000+?)

  • Tons of games I want to play
  • Lots of indie games
  • Obviously, there are many free and cheap tools for tinkering and development
  • This is the most expensive option, even if I build my own
  • Hungry for power and apartment real estate
  • Might be superfluous, if I can swing decent graphics in my next laptop upgrade (the $1999 MacBook Pro?)---and actually my current laptop can run a lot of good PC games that I don't have time to play anyway

XBox 360 ($300)

  • Also, tons of games I want to play---and most of the PC games I want to play are also available on 360
  • Least expensive of the full-blown console options
  • Netflix! That would be cool.
  • Still a significant chunk of change, and the Gold fee doesn't help with that
  • Not homebrew friendly

PlayStation 3 ($350)

  • The Last Guardian
  • I guess I wouldn't mind having a Bluray player?
  • Pricey; most of the games I'd want to play have (sometimes superior) 360/PC ports
  • PS3? I mean, come on.

iPod Touch ($180 refurbished)

  • Not too expensive, and the software's generally pretty cheap too
  • Accessible to indie developers, vibrant development scene
  • I could use a new iPod anyway...
  • I can't think of any games compelling enough to sell me on the system; I can get awesome casual stuff on platforms I already own

PSP ($170)

  • Surprisingly, there are a lot of PSP games that I want to play: Persona, Class of Heroes, LittleBigPlanet, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy VII...
  • Sony's going all-downloads for the PSP, which appeals to me
  • Almost cheap enough to be in the "buy on a whim" category
  • Sony's actively hostile to the homebrew scene
  • Do I really need another portable gaming device? Hmm.

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Ladies and gentlemen! Journey back with me, if you will, to the year 1991. I can't beat Zeromus, and I need your advice. (This is in Final Fantasy IV Advance.)

Cecil's decked out with Ragnarok and a full Crystal set, Kain's got a Holy Lance, Edge has Kikiuwamahuchi or whatever and Masamune (plus Cecil's Genji leftovers). Rydia can summon Bahamut. Everyone's at least level 56, but big Z's still kicking their asses and taking their names. Do I just need to work harder at it, do I need to level up some more, or is there some unstoppable technique that I should know about?

Thank you. You may return now to your year of choice.

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