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NYC-area folks: I'll be presenting Frotzophone (subject of a recent Fiction Circus piece!) at the upcoming meeting of Dorkbot NYC. I'm planning on performing the piece I wrote for the NIME show last December, then giving a brief talk about the tech-related stuff. Also appearing: ShiftSpace and this guy!

Where: Location 1, SoHo
When: Wednesday, April 2nd @ 7pm
Who: Dorks? I guess?

Unrelated, and I'll post about it later: zomg Etrian Odyssey.
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This is the "score" for my Frotzophone performance tomorrow night (details here—NYC folks please come!). The score takes the form of the actual game I'm going to play: it's a Z-Machine executable file, compiled from sources written in Inform 6. You'll need something like Zoom to play it.

As far as games go, it's nothing special. Pretty much just a case of "let's see what I can come up with quick after skimming the DM4." But it's the first complete piece of interactive fiction that I've written, and it has a puzzle, so there you go. It was specifically designed to put the Frotzophone through its paces, and on that level (hopefully!) it succeeds. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Warning: There are probably a lot of bugs.

Edit: My performance will be in the second half of tomorrow night's set (sometime after 9pm). Also, there will be liquor.
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I've been working hard this semester on a little project I call the Frotzophone. It's a musical instrument that you "play" by playing Infocom-style interactive fiction. I'll be performing with it as part of the New Instruments for Musical Expression class show at Exit Art on Thursday, December 13th.

There are a bunch of very cool projects that will be displayed and performed at this show: a musical cow's udder, a musical abacus, a weirdo mutating analog synth, a loom(!), and more. So even if seeing yours truly perform the Z-Machine's object tree doesn't seem like too much fun, something there is bound to appeal to you. It would be great to see some of my NYC area friends there!

If you can't make the NIME show, don't fret: a kiosk version of the Frotzophone will be available for the public to play around with at the ITP Winter Show on December 16th and 17th. Actually, you should come to the Winter Show anyway, as it's bound to be awesome (like it is every semester).

Our game, The Invention of Murder, will also be a part of the Winter Show. We'll be running the game again on either Sunday or Monday of that week. Details and web page forthcoming.

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