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Just some free stuff from around the web that I've been listening to a bunch.

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Would you think less of me if I were to admit that I don't really like Pet Sounds? I don't like Pet Sounds. There it is, I've admitted it. On the other hand, I love Hippocamp ruins Pet Sounds - fun messed up remixes/re-interpretations of the original album. My favorites: Wouldn't It Be Nice and That's not me sound like the Postal Service if Jimmy Tamborello were a demoscener; Let's go away for a while is blown up to become a Aphex Twinnish ambient piece; and a deconstruction of God only knows. (via the downhill battle blog)

"Well done, Parrish," you say, stroking your pearl white Persian cat. Nonchalant, you adjust your monocle. "But do you have a cover of N.W.A.'s Straight out of Compton recorded on acoustic guitar by former Veruca Salt frontwoman Nina Gordon?" Why yes. Yes I do. (via dte)

You don't need to know any French or anything about the history of musique Québécoise to enjoy this archive of recordings from old 78s at the National Library of Quebec. Just click around. It all sounds awesome. Unless you happen to disagree with the assertion that recordings of Alouette from 1917 are awesome. (Unfortunately, it's all in realplayer format, which is not awesome. Realplayer is the opposite of awesome.) (via madame martin)

Listen to the promo MP3 from Sufjan Stevens' upcoming LP Illinois. If a more satisfying six-minute pop song has ever been written, I'd like to hear about it. Sufjan has obviously kidnapped some of the drones from the Polyphonic Spree - listen very closely to the end of the song, you can hear Tim DeLaughter chasing after them.
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My duties as an employee have hindered my ability to transfer and edit tracks from my minidisc this week. However, I wouldn't have you come to myth's livejournal and not see any links which, when clicked, bring you interesting sound! That would simply not do. So, just for this week, let's all close our eyes and imagine that this is an MP3 blog. Hopefully you will hear something here that you didn't already know about.

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... so you don't have to!

Enter happyfrappy.com, a clearinghouse for Guster covers - "by fans, for fans." Surely you don't have time to sift through the entire site for the cream of the crop. Ridiculous. You are not a tree that grows minutes and seconds. But I'll bet you just can't contain your curiousity. "What have they cooked up," you ask yourself. "Something good! Probably. Maybe."

Since myth's weblog has always been about helping out its readers, here's a list of favorites that the boys down in our music review department came up with.

The Bishop Elect's reckless cover of Amsterdam injects all of the sarcasm that Rosenworcel's lyrics actually require for the song to work. Somehow it manages to spin out of control even at half the speed of the original.

Note to the two hundred people who chose to cover Airport Song: adding a phaser effect to your vocals and/or the entire mix will not make your recording "spooky." The only way to do that is to sing like you have just barely escaped from a high-security prison for psychopaths, like Lawrence Solomon has. Exhibit A for the prosecution. Apparently he stole a drum machine on the way out.

Maybe the vocals are a bit too Surfacing, but Sara O'Reilly enchants with her delicate version of Two Points for Honesty. She sings the harmonies you always heard in your head while listening to this song! The ones Guster couldn't be bothered with.

Guster fans! It's time to stop your ridiculous posturing. Parachute is not a very good album. You know it; I know it. We all know it. David Kerman probably knows it, but that didn't stop him from producing this honest, heart-felt rendition of Guster's crappiest song.

Dear Jimmy Rowles: your cover of X-Ray Eyes is awesome. I guess Incubus is okay, but here is a Mountain Goats album. Sincerely, Adam

Sarah Dunn has built a tiny, intricate acapella machine from All The Way Up To Heaven.

If you've ever thought to yourself, "Man, wouldn't it be great if Guster had gone back in time and taught Parachute to the Red Krayola, circa God Bless The Red Krayola And All Who Sail With It?" then hoo-boy does Brumation have a song for you.

On the other hand, it wouldn't take time travel for Bright Eyes to learn a Guster song, but surely Oberst is busy enough with all the hookers and smack. In the meantime, try to sate yourself with Nicholas Jones' vaguely Bright Eyes-ish cover of So Long. The shift to 4/4 makes this much snappier than the original. Good decision. Bravo!

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