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Coming soon (whether you want it or not): A rather highbrow retelling of my experiences at and around the First Language Creation Conference. In the meantime, here are some interesting things to watch. Apparently video on the Internet is the thing these days.
  • Gaze upon my mighty visage and green goose-down coat in this trailer for an MC Frontalot documentary. I stand by what I said: Nerdcore is fine, but count me out of "dorkcore." (If you want to talk dorkcore, strike up a conversation with that guy who claims to make children's software with metadata. I don't know that guy.)
  • Ze Frank's The Show is a "vlog" (is that pronounced vee-log or just ... vlog?) that I have come to enjoy. Imagine the Daily Show, compressed to a fine powder and cut with cocaine.
  • Those with even the meanest interest in the proceedings of the conference mentioned above should not miss Sally Caves' talk. She's writing a book about Hildegard von Bingen!
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1. ITP let me in! If I can scare up some funding, I'll be fiddling with PICs and Processing there starting this fall. Man, you guys are going to get so sick of all the BoingBoing posts about my projects.

2. I will be attending the 1st Language Creation Conference next weekend at UC Berkeley, there to attend lectures given by such conlang luminaries as Sally Caves, Matt Pearson, and my old college bud David Peterson. I'm super stoked about this. Folks in the Bay Area interested in (con)linguistics: consider attending, it'll be fun! Folks in the Bay Area not so interested in (con)linguistics but who might want to hang out anyway: send me an e-mail.

3. Right now, there are for me only three great albums in the world: Songs of Green Pheasant, Etiquette by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, and a third album which I cannot name ('cause it's not out yet and I'm not technically supposed to have it). Together, they obviate any need for further musical expression in this lifetime. As a consequence, I've sold my guitar and my CDs and I've deleted all else from my iTunes library. I suggest you do the same.

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