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Leonard puts me on the cover of Wired. Thanks for coming to the show, guys!

We really need to get a web page up for the Byte Organ, but in the mean time here's a prototype version from earlier in the semester (before Andy added his sound design and Jack added the network connectivity). Two other projects from the show, Rui Pereira's Looop-R and Rory Nugent's Solar Xylophone, do have web pages, so check them out.
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Hi everyone! My Audio Art class is having a show tomorrow. Any and all are invited. Here's the information:

ITP Audio Art Show - 'an exhibition of sound based work'
Sunday April 29th, 5 - 9PM
In the Lobby of the Skirball Center for New Media Studies at the Maurice Kanbarr Institiute of Film and Television.
721 Broadway, 9th floor

The show consists of a number of installations (among them the NETWORKED BYTE ORGAN, a project I've been working on with some other folks in the class) and live performances. If you're in the NYC area, please stop by! The environment promises to be much more relaxed than the upcoming ITP Spring Show which, with nearly 150 projects, is going to be crowded as all hell. (Though you should definitely go to that show too.)

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