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This past week I participated in 5-in-5, along with a number of current ITP students and recent alumni. The challenge:

Do a creative project every day for five straight days, starting Monday, July 28th 2008

Projects must be completed in a day, so they need to be as compact as they are creative

Each project needs a name and documentation posted by the end of the day. It should be a stand-alone accomplishment

And so I did! It was fun and productive, but surprisingly exhausting. Here are my projects. The links for each day go to more detailed documentation on the 5-in-5.com blog.

Day One: Mega Man Linocut Prints

Also featured in Bre Pettis' overview video.

Day Two: twbasic: BASIC for Twitter

Send your BASIC listing to @twbasic. (It may take a while to respond... for some reason the replies API doesn't like to update very frequently.)

Day Three: Subwoofer Tactics (w/C. Anderson Miller)

A board game powered by a 30-watt subwoofer.

Subwoofer Tactics from Anderson Miller on Vimeo.

Day Four: Strokeweight (a New Interface for Textual Expression)

Translates between "drawing" gestures and "writing" gestures.

Strokeweight: Writing with fruit and Dunsany from Adam Parrish on Vimeo.

Day Five: Binary Telepathy (also with C. Anderson Miller)

I attempted to transmit binary data to eight experimental subjects using only my mind. Of the attempted 64 bits, 36 were correctly divined.

Distribution of Correctness for ESP Transfer

A few of my favorite projects by my fellow 5-in-5ers: Throwing Light, Japanese Family Crests, ZenTV, Flexible Cardboard Surface, and Vikram's honey, lavender and habanero ice cream.

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Every Icon
Akiane: Child Prodigy
Carsten Höller: Test Site
Aram Bartholl
Interview with Maurizio Cattelan
Nicholas Roerich
The Square Wave
Kate Shepherd
72 Old Soviet Calculators
Talking Popcorn
A Man and His Dog Out for Air
Richard Serra's Tilted Arc
Soviet Roadside Bus Stops
IBM Control Panels

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Hi everyone! My Audio Art class is having a show tomorrow. Any and all are invited. Here's the information:

ITP Audio Art Show - 'an exhibition of sound based work'
Sunday April 29th, 5 - 9PM
In the Lobby of the Skirball Center for New Media Studies at the Maurice Kanbarr Institiute of Film and Television.
721 Broadway, 9th floor

The show consists of a number of installations (among them the NETWORKED BYTE ORGAN, a project I've been working on with some other folks in the class) and live performances. If you're in the NYC area, please stop by! The environment promises to be much more relaxed than the upcoming ITP Spring Show which, with nearly 150 projects, is going to be crowded as all hell. (Though you should definitely go to that show too.)
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Ferdinand Cheval's Palais Idéal

Daniel Buren, recent work

Spiral Jetty, which I've never seen before even though it's in my damn home state. (Looks like the lake's low enough right now to make it visible.) Oh, and here are some nice satellite photos.

The Monument to the Third International, among whose stated purposes was to "issue ... manifestoes via telegraph, radio and loudspeaker." Awesome.

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