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Jun. 26th, 2007 10:50 pm
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Here in the intense, baffling heat of Westchester, NY I have enough mental strength only to propagate these links.

  • You may not find the advice at Dr. Emeril Lazarus' Start Your Own Cult very practical; you will, however, find some interesting ideas about the teleology of cults ("[Dr. Lazarus] has started several cults, and seen at least two through completion and Removal to other Planes of Existance [sic]"), and a truly comprehensive list of David Koresh Jokes (how do you pick up a Davidian girl, how is the Hindenburg like Waco, etc. etc. etc.).
  • Soviet-era Home Computers of Eastern Europe, with delicious technical details and annotations from individuals that owned the computers. Most of these systems were clones of Sinclair Spectrums or Apple IIs, but there is the occasional anomaly like the Pravetz 8M, which had both a Z80 and a 6502 (the programmer, apparently, could choose which chip to use on the fly).
  • Speaking of communism and retrocomputing, here's Hawkeye Pierce hawking Atari.
  • Planet Hiltron is a collection of faces from celebrity photoshopped onto the heads and bodies of the hoi polloi. The effect is eerie and kind of unsettling and I'm not exactly who or what is being lampooned.
  • In my mind, the outpouring of joy and talent (or at least enthusiasm) and the affirmation of a vibrant shared culture offered by 31 people playing the Zelda theme on YouTube is a more than adequate response to the arguments set forth in The Cult of the Amateur. Good ol' Clay Shirky, though, takes a more systematic approach to debunking Keen's polemic which is very much worth reading.
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I'm a week into Spring semester now, but I thought this would be as good a time as any to post about what I did last semester. A Fall Retrospective, if you will. Anyway, here's the stuff that I did last semester that I'm especially eager to show off.

MicroPoet 200

The MicroPoet 200, a creative tool for transforming texts. (Make sure to try out the applet.) I really wanted to get this into the Winter Show, but I didn't actually finish the physical interface portion of the project until a few days after the deadline. Previously featured on!

Two-Note Synthesizer Orchestra

The Two-Note Synthesizer Orchestra was my final project for Introduction to Physical Computing. It's a collaborative performance not unlike Dialtones (the cell phone symphony thing), except we built the instruments ourselves. I worked on the project with my colleague Armin, whose blog is linked above. (He has the raw WAV recording of the performance available for download there, but I have a slightly cleaned up but still mostly inaudible MP3 here. Turn up the volume and skip maybe halfway through the track to get an idea of what it sounded like.)

Alan Alda Attacks

You saw the storyboard, you saw the pretty good photograph of Alan Alda, but did you see the FEATURE PRESENTATION? I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out, though now I realize my mouth shape for "ee" doesn't quite cut it. A sequel would be forthcoming, but my 30 day trial of Flash expired. :(

STFU, a film

Here's co-producer Adam Simon's take on our short film for Communications Lab, STFU. My role was mainly in the storyboarding and planning phases, as the internal workings of your "digi-cams" and Final Slice Pro or whatever are deep mysteries to me. I did carry the light kit around all day when we did the shooting, though, and I have to say I think I'm pretty convincing in my (acting debut) as "Pencil Tapper #1."

My classes for this semester include GL Art (intro to programming with OpenGL), Audio Art (Max/MSP and synthesis and field recordings), The Nature of Code, and an art theory class that seems like it's going to kick my ass. I'll let you know how they go. No, really, I will. "Post More to LiveJournal" is like number one on my list of resolutions for 2007.
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Adam's very first Flash animation! This was just an exercise that I did as a warm-up for my more ambitious animation project, tentatively entitled "Alan Alda, Destroyer of Worlds." You can see the storyboard here.
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I was originally using this image in an animation storyboard (oh yes, we're learning how to make flash animations in my Communication Lab class), but once I loaded it up in Processing I couldn't help but have a little fun.

The Alan Alda Clock (Java applet, but don't let that scare you off)

Other noteworthy grad school-related tidbits: My final project idea for my Introduction to Computational Media class, tentatively entitled "Subtractive Text Synthesizer"; Point of Disgust (Dr. Wily Mix), made in response to the audio editing assignment in Comm Lab; and The Mystery Clock, which was sort of a joint assignment for ICM and my Physical Computing class.

Have I mentioned that I love my graduate program?

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